Meet the Board

Todd Thomas, President
I have been on the HOA Board for 5 years. I am married to Kathy going on 44 years and we have been property owners in Sunland for over 25 years and we became fulltime residents 4 years ago. We have 2 daughters and 4 grandkids. I retired from the Federal Aviation Administration after over 35 years. I was the Air Traffic Manager at Seattle Terminal Radar Approach Control when I retired. Prior to that I served 4 years in the Marine Corps. I enjoy doing anything outdoors; waterskiing, off-roading, hunting, fishing, or just being out on the water. 
You may have seen me run/walk the hill with Bogey our German Shorthair Pointer or cruising around in my vintage bronco half cab or perhaps out on the water on our yellow pontoon boat.
Bryce VanWerven, VP/Committee Oversight/Cellular Communications Committee
My wife Joni and I became part of the Sunland community in May 2019. We where drawn to Sunland originally for the Gorge Amphitheater and the Columbia River. We had no idea the Sunland community was so awesome and would end up becoming our favorite place to be. Beyond loving a good party I'm pretty typical of my generation, having a career (control system engineer) and a couple side businesses to get ahead. I enjoy history, discussing world events and I won't shy away from many conversations. A few random facts about me; I enjoy all music from county to EDM, I have never had a car payment or had a new car, I'm proud that my grandfather was in the D day invasion in WW2, I think it is awesome My wife Joni and I got married in our front yard in Sunland in 2020.
Kaylie Collier, Communications / Events Committee
Having lived here for over 20 years part-time and full-time the last two, I feel I'm deeply rooted in the Sunland community. I cherish its natural beauty and the small town spirit. I love that Sunland is filled with so many amazing people that wouldn't give a second thought to help anyone in need. I've made a lot of great friends, and have family here as well. I'm a mom of 2 adult daughters, and a bulldog you've probably seen me walking in the neighborhood. I enjoy working at the pool because that's where I get to meet new people, organizing our 5K race, hiking around the area, going wine tasting and to concerts, boating and hosting friends.
My goal for joining the board is to foster better communications between the board and the community. It's critical for a community to be fully informed, engaged and listened to in order for them to have faith that their board members are acting in their best interest. I see many areas where we can improve on this greatly. I have a lot of ideas and the skills to lead the way on improving on our current processes and enhancing our communications to HOA members with multiple tools and platforms.
Shari Wood-Richardson, Treasurer
My husband Matt and I  have been in Sunland for 7 years with our family of 5 children and now 2 grandchildren.  We have made many friends in Sunland and over our time here we have seen the community go through growth and change.  I would like to work with the board and the residents to help make positive improvements to Sunland. 
I have been treasurer of the Quilomene Yacht Club in Sunland for the past 6 years and while working to obtain our permit during that time, I have built a working relationship with Grant PUD, NOA and other governmental agencies.
I am a second-generation CPA and now partner with my son Stefan, our firms third generation CPA.  My passion in helping others and guiding clients to financial success is what made a part-time file clerk position at age 16 turn into a 35-plus year career. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, entertaining, reading a good book, and relaxing at our home in Sunland with our family and friends.
Rick Divers, Water
I’ve been an owner in Sunland since 1998 and have been coming here for many years prior to that purchase.  A couple of years ago I retired after spending over forty years in the construction industry, most of which was with a family owned Bellevue company that supplied underground utilities. The last 20 years there I was in a senior management position overseeing hundreds of employees in 18 locations across 4 states.
Although I haven’t moved here full time, my schedule has been flexible enough that I have been able to spend much more time here. Because of that, and my work background, I think I can be an asset to the community to help us adapt as we continue to grow and change. I look forward to contributing to our community.
In my free time I’m a volunteer board member for a couple of nonprofits; a parks department community foundation and a historical society landmark preservation group. I also enjoy boating, golfing and participating in collector car shows
Myron Meikle, Board Member
I have been a Sunlander since 2014 with my wife Janis.  We are in the process of building our new home and living full time on River Drive.  My son and daughter are also owners in Sunland and we enjoy having our 3 beautiful granddaughters nearby.  I am a retired Seattle Fire Fighter and currently a Commissioner for Renton Regional Fire Authority.  I have a long history of public service and many years of experience managing personnel and city projects.  I look forward to serving the Sunland Community.
Steve Fiorito, Board Member
My commitment to Sunland began in 1196 when I purchased a bare lot on River Drive and then, shortly thereafter, served on the Board for a short time.  I built my Sunland home in 2001 and have been a full-time resident since 2015.  My 45-year work history comes from an extensive construction background.  My experience includes dispatching, operating heavy equipment, material procurement, personnel management, goal setting and achieving deadlines.  I completed my career in utility construction as Vice President of Operations.  Boating on the Columbia, golfing and riding my side by side are my hobbies.  Time with my family and friends are most important to me.  Serving on the Board is my way of giving back to the community. 
Doug Shorb, Technical
Jaynie and I have been Sunland residents since 1999, Starting with a travel trailer, then a mobile home. A few years ago, we settled into the unique Dome house at the end of River Drive. For those familiar with Sunland's history, we may be remembered as the couple hosting Tequila tasting parties and screening outdoor movies on a massive front yard theater.
I continue to work full-time, passionately engaged in selling high-tech Telemetry Data Processors within the Aerospace market. My professional journey includes a six-year stint as a Navy Sonar Technician on Nuclear-powered submarines. Post-military service, I transitioned into the role of an Electrical Engineer, specializing in computer chip design. This ultimately led me to a position as the Vice President of sales for an IC chip maker.
My aim on the board is to contribute to the community using my technical background and the experience garnered from over 20 years as a board member for our Kirkland Condo Association. During the early 2000s, I dedicated two terms to serving on the Sunland board. As part of our commitment to transparency, I encourage you to reach out at any time. I'm more than willing to discuss the board's activities, rationale behind decisions, and the anticipated benefits.
In my leisure, I'm immersing myself in the enchanting world of playing the harp and updating the Dome house, making it even more comfortable and appealing.
Tracey Hilliard, Secretary
My name is Tracey Hilliard.  Our family has owned in Sunland since 2003.  My husband, Mark and I both work in the commercial construction industry and have been married for 34 years.  We have two daughters which have practically grown up here in Sunland and look forward to spending more quality time here with family and friends as they grow older.  I served on the Sunland HOA Board as Secretary from 2020 to 2023 and recently was voted back onto the board after the retirement of Tom Smith.  I enjoy working with the Community and its Members.  During my 3 years, some of the items I have worked on are being able get the new website off the ground for all of us to access, worked closely the HOA’s insurance broker to evaluate policies and ensure they are accurately priced and in alignment with like properties, reviewed and update the General Rules document for our facilities, worked with community members to evaluate rentals and develop some great informational tools that can be found on website for landlords to utilize, as well as setup the new electronic waiver system which was a requirement of our insurance broker.   We all know this place is a hidden gem and want to keep it that way.  While there are always transitions in communities, I believe it is important to keep traditions intact as well as reach out to our members who want participate in various issues, concerns, activities where they have talent, experience or just want to help keep Sunland GREAT for years to come.  For my family as we start to spend more time here, it is important to me to find a way to help and be successful in those endeavors where I can.