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CC&R Committee Notice
Posted on Jun 26th, 2024

Our committee has been working since mid-February and have had over 400 collective
hours combined and we used the results of the 2019 and 2021 surveys, along with member
feedback from previous outreach efforts to help streamline the current draft. These efforts
helped the committee to identify and remove sections which should be managed by the
County and changed rules and regulations decisions, when it comes to personal property it
would be put up to a vote by SEHA members, unless in the event of immediate health and
safety concerns.
Our next step is to send the committee's draft for a thorough legal review. This crucial
process ensures we meet all legal requirements and that our proposals are sound and to
limit liability for the HOA. Once the legal review is complete, we will carefully work through
the feedback received and determine how best to address any comments or concerns
raised by legal review.
Following any necessary revisions, we will prepare a final draft of the document. Then, it's
time for community outreach. We aim to engage all SEHA members through town hall
meetings held in the park and other Q&A sessions including Zoom meetings for those unable
to attend Q&A sessions in person. These sessions will provide an excellent opportunity for
members to ask questions, offer feedback, and gain more insight on the proposed changes.
Additionally, if the legal review identifies any major items, we may conduct a community
survey to gather more opinions and insights.
Our goal is to have the document ready for the community to vote on the updated CC&Rs
this year. Your participation and feedback are crucial to this process, and we appreciate
your ongoing support and involvement.
Following research, we learned that we could simplify the voting process. This can be
accomplished without any notarization requirement by lot owners. We can conduct a yes
or no vote via online or in person.
For more detailed information and to stay updated, please visit the SEHA website regularly If you have not signed up for the website, we encourage you
to do so as there are many items from committees as well as calendar of Sunland events,
HOA Meeting Recording and minutes, etc. Together, we all can create a harmonious
Warm regards,
The SEHA CC&R Committee
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